Kwibuka24 in the Netherlands


7 April 2018 - Kwibuka24 at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague.



1600hrs - Walk to Remember

1700hrs - Official Commemoration

2100hrs-500hrs - Kwibuka Night Vigil at the Church of Our Saviour

Location Hilton Hotel: Zeestraat 35, The Hague



Kwibuka means ‘remember’ in Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s language. It describes the annual commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. More than one million Rwandans died in the hundred days of the genocide. It was one of human history’s darkest times. Twenty years later we, Rwanda, ask the world to unite to remember the lives that were lost.


We ask the world to come together to support the survivors of the genocide, and to ensure that such an atrocity can never happen again – in Rwanda or elsewhere.


Kwibuka is a series of events taking place in Rwanda and around the world. These events lead up to the national commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda, which begins on 7 April every year. The genocide began on 7 April 1994. Kwibuka is also a time to learn about Rwanda’s story of reconciliation and nation building.


Taking Kwibuka to the world

Rwanda is looking forward to the next twenty years. We have a vision of hope, dignity and prosperity for our country. The people of Rwanda are working together for the brighter future they deserve. Come together with them to learn about, and commemorate, the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Kwibuka calls on the world to stand against genocide in three key ways:

  • To remember: Honouring the memory of those who died. Offering support to those who survived.
  • To unite: Rwanda shows that reconciliation through shared human values is possible. We ask the world to do the same.
  • To renew: As we build Rwanda anew, we are humbled to share our experiences and learn from others. Let’s create a better world together.


Join us by sharing Rwanda’s story and working together for a brighter future. There are events happening around the world for Kwibuka. Attend one near you, or create one in your own community. Learn about the Genocide against the Tutsi. Watch and listen to the stories of those who lived through this terrible time.


You can join the global conversation about Kwibuka on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.