First Virtual Meeting Between Ambassador Nduhungirehe and RCA-NL

Ambassador Olivier Jean Patrick Nduhungirehe, called on Rwandans living in the country to continue mobilization in the community, ensure empowerment of their members, and promote patriotism among them, taking example of the heroes Rwanda celebrates on every 1st of February.
In his first virtual meeting on 30 January with Rwandans living in the Netherlands, Ambassador Nduhungirehe wished them a Happy New Year 2021, a year of health and many opportunities. “We hope that we will end this year with a decisive win against this epidemic and come back to normal life. These days, however, it is clear that there is a new surge of COVID-19, with the number of cases and deaths rising every day, here in the Netherlands, in Rwanda and elsewhere in the world". He asked the community to comply with the restrictive measures put in place by the Dutch Government, while we are waiting for the vaccine to help us overcoming this epidemic.
Ambassador Nduhungirehe thanked Ambassador Jean-Pierre Karabaranga who had been the Rwandan Ambassador to the country for seven years. He also expressed gratitude to the Committee of the Rwanda Community Abroad – The Netherlands (RCA-NL) for its achievements over the past two years, despite challenges, and to the members of RCA-NL themselves for their unwavering dedication in building the Rwandan community in the Netherlands, working with other Rwandans to rebuild the country, and fighting against those who want to give our country a negative image and spread the genocide ideology.
The Ambassador noted that 2021 is a special year as it the first year after the Vision 2020, and the country has now moved into another vision, the Vision 2050. He stressed that "in order to achieve this, we need to continue implementing the seven-year Government program – National Strategy for Transformation NST1 - that includes many areas that the Rwandans living abroad must take part". For the RCA-NL specifically, Ambassador Olivier J.P. Nduhungirehe conveyed a three-point message, which is his vision for the community: (1) mobilization of all Rwandans living in The Netherlands, including those who still have concerns; (2) empowerment of Community members, by continue their education and building their capacity; and (3) patriotism, which include our permanent quest for unity and fight against genocide ideology.
Regarding patriotism, Ambassador Nduhungirehe called on RCA-NL members, young and old, to be brave as Rwanda celebrates the Heroes' Day: “Heroism that should characterize us is (1) to continue learning from our heroic ancestors and other people who have done or are doing important deeds; (2) to preserve our achievements and increase them in quantity and quality, (3) to always aim at doing good and reject evil, including Genocide and its ideology, (4) to have the knowledge and skills needed today and tomorrow, (5) to promote our culture, to cherish the values of the Rwandan culture, to speak our language and to caring of the “forbidden’’ (kirazira) in our culture."
Claude Ndabarasa, President of the Rwandan community in the Netherlands (RCA-NL), welcomed Ambassador Nduhungirehe: "It is a great opportunity to welcome Ambassador Nduhungirehe, and we assure you that we will work together to show the positive image of today's Rwanda and to be good ambassadors," he said. Mr Ndabarasa highlighted the achievements of Rwandans in the Netherlands over the years and presented activities that RCA-NL are planning for the future.
The Director of Rwanda Community Abroad (RCA) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET), Sandrine Uwimbabazi Maziyateke, who was invited in the meeting, praised the members of the RCA-NL for their achievements, for the fact that they care about their roots and express solidarity with their relatives in the country, be it in good or hard times.
To conclude this first meeting with members of the RCA-NL, Ambassador Olivier J.P. Nduhungirehe assured the participants that the staff of the Embassy of Rwanda in The Netherlands, and himself, will work together with them on all issues discussed in the meeting and will always be available for any support they may need.