Ambassador Karabaranga bids farewell

Rwandans living, studying and working in the Netherlands have said goodbye to Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga who has long represented Rwanda's interests in the country.

Since 2013 Ambassador Karabaranga had been representing Rwanda in the Kingdom of the Netherlands where he was headquartered; it also looked at Rwanda’s interests in other countries including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

The ambassador, who will be send to represent Rwanda in Senegal, will replaced by ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe who has been appointed as ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands by the council of ministers on 14 August.

The farewell ceremony for Ambassador Karabaranga on 19 September was attended by members of the Rwandan Diaspora in the Netherlands. The event took place in the Hilton Hotel in The Hague and due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately only a limited number of guests attended.

In his remarks, the president of the Rwandan diaspora association in the Netherlands, Mr Jean Claude Ndabarasa, praised their good cooperation and various achievements in collaboration with the Embassy in The Hague, ​which led to interesting steps forward.

Mrs Christine Safari, representative of the Ibuka-Holland association, thanked ambassador Karabaranga and the Embassy team for their support in all commemorations of the Genocide against the Tutsi through commemorative events, lectures in universities and other public institutions. She wished ambassador Karabaranga and his family a wonderful journey and a succesful job for him in Senegal and gave him a memorial gift.

Representatives of various organizations, religions and students were also given the floor to talk about memorable times they had with Ambassador Karabaranga, agreeing to wish him a good job. They assured him that they will continue to work with his successor, ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe, to implement all the projects he has started.

Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga thanked President Kagame for assuring him of his continued representation and other responsibilities. "As you know, the Head of State has sent me another message to represent Rwanda in Senegal and other countries with our Embassy in charge. It is of great value and it is a wonderful opportunity to regain the trust of our Head of State." He said it was important that he worked with people who initiated projects and cooperations, which helped them to perform better. "I thank everyone who came here today and others who did not come due the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented us from meeting more than 50 people as required by the Dutch government regulations," he said. “So all the guests present here represent other Rwandans in the Diaspora, in Ibuka, in the women's and youth sectors, students, representatives of Religions, the community and all of you together. We have no doubt that Team Rwanda in the Netherlands will continue to deliver on its promises to build the Rwanda we want. "

The farewell ceremony for Ambassador Karabaranga was concluded with memorial gifts and messages of good wishes to him and his family.